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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Of personal choice and govt's role

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But there are those who believe they should have the right to access the information first, and then decide if they want to believe it.
On the other hand, others will argue that people may not be equipped or knowledgeable enough to make that call. And even if they are, what is acceptable to them might not be appropriate for the common good.

Qn: To what extent should the government interfere in the private lives of its people?

PM Lee, Turnbull push for cooperation on free trade

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"You don't grow stronger by closing the door to other markets. Protectionism is a dead end. It is not a ladder to get you out of the low-growth trap. It is a shovel to dig it much deeper" -- Turnbull

Note how the effective use of figurative language in the above achieves a few things:
-interest value due to its 'colour'
-more conviction and credibility
-higher language marks for ur vocab

Spread of falsehoods in mother tongues a worry

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interesting insights on how fakes news rendered in mother tongues has greater credibility and travels faster and wider....

Recycling can be too much of a good thing

Click HERENote the limitations on recycling, esp the reasons for the high costs involved....

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Just Saying: When cloning becomes a pet project

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Got a bit of a shock when I read this article...coz it meant that clonining technology is not just possible today, but commercially available in the market in some countries to anyone who could afford it....The best known celebrity cloned animal was Dollt the Sheep, but alas she had a short lifespan, and apparently suffered from severe arthiritis and some deformities....But now, Barbara Streisand, a veteran (read: old) Hollywood actress had gone to clone her pet dog!

Btw, note how the closing BANG in this article echoes the opening BANG on Barbara Streisand...this technique of making reference at the end of ur writing to something u mentioned earlier is not just about repeating it wholesale, but making meaningful or interesting comment about it when u do the echoing....e.g. giving it a twist or is not a MUST, but it does achieve a very good effect on the ending if the method is executed properly..

Some good ideas about cloning here...
-helps to repair grief of loved animals? coz u can clone it -- akin to immortalizing it, coz u can make multiple copies of it so that it will never 'die'! like using a photocopier!
-as mentioned in the article, cloning is used in the cattle trade to ensure quality cattle and hence quality steak! rather than leave it to the chance of mother nature to determine of the quality of the cattle (even if the parent cattle are of superior quality), why not guarantee this quality of the superior parent cattle by cloning it?
-extinction or the problem of endangered species may no longer be a problem?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Money can't buy P$G success

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Note Neymar is the most expensive soccer player ever (see HERE)...yet with such a star player, there is no guarantee of succes due to various reasons....Neymar got injured....brings to mind the proverb: Man proposes, God disposes. (please check up the meaning if unsure)....also, having a star player is no guarantee of winning as soccer is about team work. If ur star player is a prima donna and not a team player, or who is disliked by teammates, then victory will still be elusive...
Luck also matters, such as which team u play with first in the lead up to the finals, etc etc...

Qn: Wise people often claim that there are things that money cannot buy. Do you think money can solve all problems?

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

All primary schools to offer hands-on learning by 2023

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hands-on learning is an effective way of understanding concepts taught in the classroom..."Students learn by applying and by doing, and they learn beyond the classroom. They see for themselves how they can apply what they have learnt to the real world,"

Surprisingly, Zee Cheen said that his biggest lesson was not just in creating the robot. You see, his team brought their robot to the Science Centre's Maker Faire and he had to practise his public speaking, which was not his forte. He had to explain their robot to each visitor. In his words, 'these are things that I cannot learn in a classroom'. This is the value of applied learning in real life.
Qn: Education is both gained in and outside the classroom. Discuss.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Bystander photos, videos could deter more attacks

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An excellent rebuttal to the point about compromising security in a previous post HERE.

For Qns on limiting/controlling/regulating/censoring information in the media, including online versions....

Thursday, March 01, 2018

National recycling effort bags only 2% of domestic waste

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Yet another instance of how even if the technology is there to recycle the waste, it is still a futile effort if people do not actively engage in recycling their waste....This is where the govt needs to come in to provide the infrastructure to facilitate and make it easier for people to separate the recyclable waste from the non-recyclable ones.. and if it still doesn't work, then provide incentives or penalties to compel people to recycle.....

Useful stats for BANGing or for use in ur body para...!

Qn: Can we rely on science and techology to solve our environmental problems?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

German cities can ban diesel cars, top court rules

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Laws are needed sometimes to compel people or businesses to do the right thing, in this case, to wean off polluting diesel-engine powered cars...left to themselves, people may not be willing to make the switch to greener or less polluting options even if they know it is good for the environment because of convenience, cost factor, etc....

Qn: Can we rely on science and technology to solve our environmental problems?

Bill to give police more powers in a terror attack

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A good example to argue why we should limit/control/regulate/censor information in the media, including online versions....