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Thursday, November 07, 2013


Here's to all those sitting for the GP papers tomorrow....HOPE I have been of some help to you in one way or another in ur GP journey. Recognise that while u may be sitting for the paper tomorrow, the journey does not end there. U r bound to revisit some of the stuff that u have read, thought and written about, that ur tutor had shared with u before...when u venture out into society in the future, and when u travel round the globe, and when u flip through the papers...and that is when u will realise fully how it is more than just stuff on the paper.....
You'll probably not return here again, and not have seen this post, but if u do, and if it's tonight, here's wishing you ALL THE BEST for tomorrow's papers. It's a pleasure to have accompanied u along the journey. GOOD LUCK! :-)

P.S. and if u can still remember when u collect ur results next year, do drop me an email ( about ur grade for GP.