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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Drugs In Sport: Russia doped more than 1,000 athletes

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useful stats...

Qn: Is competition always desirable? (Cam. 2016)

Trump holds sway in the post-literate age

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interesting idea how Trump reflects the trend of social media causing us to focus more on the spoken than the written...i.e. bite-sized info that does not involve complex logic anf facts is more palatable to the masses.....and we have social meida to blame for this....

Most Singaporeans support death penalty, but less so for certain cases: Survey

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useful survey findings on death penalty concerning S'pore...

Fond touches from mum can make kid more socially attuned: Study

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This captures an idea I've said repeated about a severe shortcoming of social media -- it cannot give us the sense of touch, which is crucial to forming deep bonds...
Think a kiss, a pat on the shoulder, a handshake, a hug, cuddling, rubbing cheeks, and of course -- something more physically intimate! ;)

An interesting phrase to bring away from the article: social media can let us 'stay in touch' but it cannot give us the 'sense of touch'.

It all started with fight over puppy: Whistle-blower

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I thought this was quite funny.....and relevant....

think of the role of the media as the fourth estate, to act as a watch-dog, to keep the public informed of the wrongdoings of the powerful and influential, in this case, the govt...(whistle-blower)

and also of the private behind-the-scene life of public figures....

Qn: As long as people in the public eye do their job well, does it matter what they do in private? (Cam. 2009)

As fake news spreads lies, more readers shrug at truth

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the main argument here is that:
the main problem with fake news online used to be that it may cause others to think that the fake news is real....
BUT now, the problem is that people actually KNOW that the fake news are FAKE, 'cos some of them are so ridiculous; they will not believe them at all....but knowing that there is so much fake news online will also make them sceptical when they eventually come across REAL news....Overall, this scepticism over news online (whether fake or real) will cause people to be distrustful with online news and HOLD ON TO THEIR PREJUDICED VIEWS MORE STEADFASTLY. And who/what do we blame for this? Bingo! The fake news ciruclating online!

In the context of the US election, some pple are already prejudiced in favour of Trump becoz of the promises he gave them. Becoz of their distrust of online media, they do not believe the valid questions on Trump's policies, as well as the valid excuses for Hillary. The media thus didnt have a chance to rectify their flawed prejudice. Yup, the media did provide the accurate info, but all is futile coz pple distrust these accurate info online. This can be traced to the widespread circulation of lies and untruths inline that makes pple distrustful of online newsl hence pple voted unwisely for Trumo.

So the case is not so much that pple believe the fake news online, but that the prevalence of fake news online make pple lose trust in it and fall back on their initial prejudiced views instead. It is this latter that is where the damage lies.....

Facebook not sole culprit of filter bubbles - users at fault too

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If Ron's tax is €24m, dare we suggest he owes more?

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Note the effective Opening BANG:
Question: What individual can be worth the combined annual salaries of 6,300 software engineers, or 9,220 account executives in Singapore?

Note also the useful stats:
Ronaldo's total remuneration in 2015 was €203,790,952 (equivalent to S$307,856,523).

For qns on whether sportsmen should be paid so much, or whether so much money money should be spent on sport....