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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Predictive policing tool helps LA cops curb crime

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One possible line of argument:
OV: Instead of using punishment to deter crime, deterrence can be achieved through other methods such as greater police presence, community look-out (via neighbourliness or 'kampung spirit') or the use of CCTV......
SV: You can then counter the above by saying that these still depend on punishing anyone who is caught committing a criminal act; in other words, it is still the threat of punishment that underlies the efficacy of the above argument, and hence, notwithstanding the validity of the above argument, punishment is still the best way to reduce crime.

-Note the opening BANG using the movie "Minority Report", where suspected criminals are caught way before they even have the intention of committing the crime -- a highly controversial idea....

-one argument brought up in the article is that certain crimes are 'decriminalized from felonies to misdemenaours', meaning that the punishment is lighter or there is no punishment at all:
Unfortunately, property-crime figures have gone up too.
Comdr Rodriguez attributed the rise to the decriminalisation of some offences.
He added: "A lot of crime (penalties) have been lowered from felonies to misdemeanours. For property crimes, these individuals know the time they're going to get is minimal when it comes to sentencing.
Hence, the point can be on the severity of the punishment. There is little or no deterrence if the punishment is light, as in the case above.

-note also the drug problem mentioned in the article. Useful to know that in the US, marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado. As discussed in the article, this opens the door to a slippery slope for people who have tried marijuana to 'upgrade' to more serious drugs that are banned, hence increasing the crime-rate for drug-related offences. Relate this example to the decriminalization idea above....

1. "Punishment is the best way to reduce crime rates." Do you agree?
2. Does modern technology always improve the quality of people’s lives? (Cam. 2006)